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bout Me

I'm a science writer and journalist in Silver Spring, MD, currently with The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, or APL. 


I grew up on the distant outskirts of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where I spent my childhood exploring, whether it was books, documentaries, the woods in my backyard. I taught my cotton-stuffed animals everything from Greek mythology and anthropology, to biology and linguistics. I wrote reports on planets and the Cosmos. I absorbed every ounce of science I could understand.

For years, I struggled to decide what to do with my life. I majored in biology with minors in chemistry and music while at Brigham Young University. If I had infinite time, I would have studied math and astronomy as well.


I then went on to Brown University for my doctorate, but left with a Master of Science in ecology and evolutionary biology instead after I learned about science journalism.


I traveled to the University of California, Santa Cruz's Science Communication Program and began writing for outlets such as Knowable Magazine, Science and Scientific American. As a biologist, I love writing, photographing and videoing stories on conservation biology, the environment, and evolutionary biology. But my interests spread far and wide, including space and planetary science, which I focus on at APL.

Thank you for visiting!

       Jeremy Rehm

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